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Temiskaming Shores Brochure

From Marketing Materials…

brochures, folders, business cards, newsletters, advertisements, packaging design, document layout/compositing (newspapers, books, instruction manuals) — the list goes on

To Feature Illustration…

“If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time.” – Proust

Illustration 1 for Feature "The Mystery of Dreams"

And Concept Visualisation…

original watercolour illustration for magazine feature

We put it all together…

illustration, design and layout

Illustration 4 for Feature "The Mystery of Dreams"

So keep your sanity…

Call the doctor!

We’ve got this.

packaging design for Doctor Beeze

The last frontier

Forget space travel. I wonder what it would be like to dive 1000 meters into obscurity, surrounded by pulsating bodies of bioluminescent sea beasts – the darkness enveloping you in the most comforting, yet terrifying hug you could imagine. Now imagine how these remote areas would look 30 years from now. I’ve been going over my […]

‪(Video) To be or not to be

Appel and his counterparts didn’t receive much homeland praise for their work until the 90s. Fellow CoBrA Dutchman, Corneille, even gained commercial exposure through a popular Dutch retailer who offered collectible porcelainware imprinted with his artworks. Today, you can find these collectibles at just about every secondhand store and fleamarket in the country. Yours truly even has a couple of the small, shallow bowls in her kitchen cupboard.

(Video) Powwow, heimwee and the present

There’s something so deeply moving about Native music. It encourages any necessary purging of frustration, weakness and disconnection and rallies listeners with a renewed sense of belonging—as does all great music, I suppose.

D’Angelo’s new album, Black Messiah

                          D’Angelo has been out of the spotlight for quite some time but has resurfaced after 15 years with an album too luscious to ignore. It’s easily my new favourite — a thick, deep funk, sprinkled with brilliant strings and dirty vocals. Imagine […]