2013 — The year to build web presence

When I’m not concentrating on a work-related project, I make sure to accommodate my favourite downtime activities. During these quiet intervals, I begin to write, then stop, then pick up what I’ve started at a later date with good intentions, but intentions neither score precious followers nor impel new business.

We’ve been programmed to become Internet-savvy professionals, to believe that writing is hard work and that a blog should be treated as an extension to our business if we wish to maintain our company’s web presence. That’s a heck of a lot of pressure to place on people who simply wish to share, but are hindered not only by their own expectations, but by the expectations of a growing online social movement.

Perhaps this is the problem, or perhaps it’s a solution in waiting. Is it possible that my writing inhibitions decrease when the content is not directly linked to my website? A route to consider would be to create a blog, which is not part of this site—a backwards idea, when you consider the advice of Internet gurus preaching the benefits of a well-integrated web presence—but it’s a direction worth exploring.

In the meantime, my hope is to post at least once a week; in light of my blogging track record, I’m starting with something simple—no frills or fluff, just an apology to anyone who’s stumbled upon this portion of this website and left feeling underwhelmed.

In addition to staying in touch via weekly posts, I’ll be updating my portfolio in the coming weeks to include branding and packaging design projects that have been keeping me busy these past months.

For those of you looking for a graphic artist or creative wordsmith, or for those who wish to share their graphics or publishing project bounty, I’m available for hire. Let me know how I can help by filling in the Contact Form through the website.

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