The last frontier

Forget space travel. I wonder what it would be like to dive 1000 meters into obscurity, surrounded by pulsating bodies of bioluminescent sea beasts – the darkness enveloping you in the most comforting, yet terrifying hug you could imagine. Now imagine how these remote areas would look 30 years from now. I’ve been going over my […]

Connection, Nana Soup and the Cosmos

Connection… We all seek it, crave it. When I was much younger, I would get my spoon, dip it into a bowl of soup — preferably my mom’s ‘Nana soup’ — and would try to proportionately match the contents of the spoon to the contents of the bowl. I can’t be the only kid to have done this. Anyhow, […]

The skewed social media

I’ve never been much of a social media junkie. I’ve always felt somewhat overwhelmed and exposed when online, mostly due to the sheer volume of information. Mix that with a tendency to shy away from the light and airy, and my social media experience has been rather stop-and-go. From a young age, we’ve been taught to value consistency because […]

Searching for Sugar Man — The Story of Rodriguez

Sixto Rodriguez, Jesus Rodriguez, Rodriguez — before yesterday evening, I’d never heard these names in reference to popular music. The documentary Searching for Sugar Man tells the unlikely story of Rodriguez — a hard-working, Detroit-based folk singer — long forgotten in the US, yet celebrated as a cult figure in South Africa since the 70s. The story […]

2013 — The year to build web presence

When I’m not concentrating on a work-related project, I make sure to accommodate my favourite downtime activities. During these quiet intervals, I begin to write, then stop, then pick up what I’ve started at a later date with good intentions, but intentions neither score precious followers nor impel new business. We’ve been programmed to become […]

Who has the Skills? Copyediting non-native English content

Look what came in the mail today: two fresh, advance copies of Skill Sheets, a university-level course book by Rob van Tulder, which I was hired to copyedit late last year. I really enjoyed this project, although it was certainly a challenge. Correcting and bringing consistency to content written by a non-native English speaker involve additional hours, but I’m happy […]

Happy Holidays!

Here’s hoping Santa makes it down the chimney this year—Happy Holidays!

Designers Making a Difference with Dyslexie Typeface

Cool co-operative innovations are happening right here in The Netherlands, linking advances in neurological research with typeface design. Dutch design group, studiostudio, has developed a new typeface especially for dyslectics. For those unaware of the condition, Merriam-Webster defines dyslexia as “a variable often familial learning disability involving difficulties in acquiring and processing language that is typically manifested […]

My ugly baby

Okay like a lot of ‘creatives’ out there, I have insecurities. Take this website, for example. Like a proud mama, I reveal my creation to you, knowing full well that this great big cyber world is tough and unforgiving and yet I hope that you’ll appreciate its contents. I know that not everyone will find […]

The idea factory

Sometimes the idea factory needs a change in perspective. Trial and error, cutting and pasting the old-fashioned way, is a means to discover a fresh view. When I need a little inspiration, I slice, dice and rearrange sketches. Playing around with the pieces reminds me of my childhood when I would take cut-out paper dolls, dress them up in their fancy paper […]