Searching for Sugar Man — The Story of Rodriguez

Sixto Rodriguez, Jesus Rodriguez, Rodriguez — before yesterday evening, I’d never heard these names in reference to popular music.

The documentary Searching for Sugar Man tells the unlikely story of Rodriguez — a hard-working, Detroit-based folk singer — long forgotten in the US, yet celebrated as a cult figure in South Africa since the 70s.

The story begins in Cape Town as two long-time Rodriguez fans embark on a quest to uncover details of his life and mysterious death. Their search eventually leads them to the United States, where the story takes an unexpected twist. You won’t find any spoilers here. If you can set aside an hour and a half one evening, I would encourage you to check out a story of a humble man with a catalytic gift. It’s a film full of surprise, inspiration and a healthy dose of perspective.

photo credit: Who is Rodriguez? via photopin (license)

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