The idea factory

Sosketch 2 girl on bikemetimes the idea factory needs a change in perspective.

Trial and error, cutting and pasting the old-fashioned way, is a means to discover a fresh view.

When I need a little inspiration, I slice, dice and rearrange sketches. Playing around with the pieces reminds me of my childhood when I would take cut-out paper dolls, dress them up in their fancy paper outfits and place them in amongst a myriad of magazine and book backdrops. My imagination would fill in the blanks. They would vacation in remote, exotic locations — sometimes they would find themselves running from the local fauna. There were no limits to the story, just endless possibilities.

laptop pic for blog postGetting back in touch with that playful side is not only a lot of fun, but a great way to recharge. However, we all know there are countless ways to rejuvenate.

More often than not, I sit in front of my trusty MacBook, scribble around on the Wacom tablet and something interesting comes of it. Sometimes an afternoon of experimenting in the kitchen making tasty treats, or mucking around in the garden will awaken a creative spark.

Usually though, the time spent in complete rest and relaxation, surrounded by music, is when I feel at my most creative and the ideas begin to flow. I usually file away those unexpected gems in a mental archive and although some are lost in a flurry of inspiration, some of those sparks return weeks, years down the line. I take comfort in knowing that those crazy ideas are not lost. They’re up here marinating.

sketch girl on bike


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