Venus doesn’t always have it easy — Venus in Scorpio

Several months ago, I had the opportunity to work on a project that would trigger an inward journey as I explored some pretty expansive ideas and beliefs.

The job was a 440-page coin catalogue layout — the coins were imprinted with various images of Venus. During project downtime, I did my own research into the goddess of love and abundance, which inevitably brought me to the Study of Astrology. I can see my brother palm his face as he reads this — ever the skeptic.

The first step was to input my birthdate and time of birth into a Western natal chart calculator. I used the following link:

Et voila!
Sun: Capricorn

Okay, I knew that, but what I found interesting were the other planetary placements.

Moon: Libra
Mercury: Capricorn
Venus: Scorpio
Mars: Gemini
Jupiter: Aries
Saturn: Leo
Uranus: Scorpio
Neptune: Sagittarius
Pluto: Libra
Lilith: Aries
North Node: Scorpio
Ascendant/Rising Sign: Scorpio (1st house)

I haven’t included the degrees of the planets and the 11 additional houses. I’m quickly veering off topic so I need to reel it in.

So let’s get back to the planet archetypes — the juicy one, Venus in Scorpio.

Venus represents love, abundance, life’s pleasures and the female counterpart to Mars — planet of action and desire.

When the planet associated with love and pleasure is met with the sign associated with sex, purging and regeneration, these people are said to attract intense romantic situations and partners. From what I’ve experienced, this interpretation isn’t far off the mark.

I consider myself a pretty keen observer when it comes to interactions with people — gleaning information through a person’s tone of voice and cadence of speech, noticing how they sit, stand and touch their face during conversation. Of course, the eyes tell the ultimate story. You name it, I take note. And I take my time in the initial stages. A cool head mixed with an intense underlying passion make for interesting, dynamic interactions and relationships. However, when the fire is gone and there is nothing left to learn, it’s time to move on — though, believe me, it takes a lot for that to happen. With my North Node (my life purpose), Uranus (the planet of transformation) and Rising Sign (my mask to the world) also in Scorpio, it seems I’m doomed! But yeah, I temper these concepts with a grounding belief in free will.

Astrologists attach energies and archetypes to individual planets, interpret energies between the planets depending on their placement in the sky and try to connect these energies to us as individuals. However, we are not our signs — it’s all about energy. We ultimately determine our paths through action.

I guess it comes down, once again, to connection. And even though I’m skeptical, I can’t deny my fascination. If nothing else, it’s fun trying to fit squares pegs in round holes.

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